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…but water is like a mirror is an intimate ritual of body and breath. Blood remembers, mind wanders, while water brings the body to find its centre, through colourful currents.  


This ritual was inspired by the connection between wounds and nature, and by how the horse spirit can heal the body through breath. Sylvie’s invested relationship with horses and Sashar’s emotional connection to nomadic life and horse spirit, have brought this collaboration to a wholesome place. 


The solo choreography uses the unique creative approach to dance called Living Stories that was developed by Sashar Zarif, along with inspirations drawn from Central Asian shamanic cultures, in collaboration with the artistry of Sylvie Bouchard.  


...but water is like a mirror is part of a commissioning project that is comprised of solos and duets of 30 minutes each – intimate encounters created by exceptional choreographers with whom Sylvie Bouchard wanted to journey creatively, enabling all collaborators to discover together. 


Choreography: Sashar Zarif

Performer: Sylvie Bouchard

Percussion and Vocal: Sashar Zarif and Sylvie Bouchard

Music compositions and arrangements*: Sashar Zarif

Lighting Design: Emerson Kafarowski

Costume Design: Sashar Zarif

Stage Manager: Taylor Young

Outside Eye: Katherine Duncanson

* The song Gunduz Gece is a masterpiece that legendary Turkish Ashiq Music Master Ashiq Veysel has left behind.



May 10 - 13, 2023

Citadel + Compagnie

Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance

Toronto, Ontario


30 minutes


...but water is like a mirror

photos by John Lauener

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