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bob's last request!

Bob's Last Request! by Tedd Robinson, photo by Sylvie Bouchard

Choreographer Tedd Robinson says:

“I like to keep my creation process unpredictable as I love to challenge myself with what energy and talent is in the room at the moment of creation. In general, I do not prepare anything before being in the studio with the interpreters. I want their contribution and energy to be an integral part of the creation of the work. With Bob’s Last Request!, I challenged myself to work more closely with narrative and to discover the narrative as the piece was getting created. The storyline is as follows: We meet two musicians who were part of an unsuccessful band in the 1960s. Bob, the third member of the trio, has died. Before his death, Bob requested that a specific song from the band’s repertoire be performed at his funeral. The duo will perform the song knowing that Bob’s family never supported Bob. Bob's Last Request! shows the two musicians’ preparation to go to the funeral and their performance of the song. The question that now haunts me is how much of this does the audience need to know."

Tedd Robinson passed away on August 27, 2022. Unique, eccentric, beautiful, loved, and a mentor to many, his youthful curiosity and thoughtful wisdom will forever resonate with all those whose lives he touched. Through Bob’s Last Request!, we wanted to humbly share with you the accumulation of our creation process with Tedd, remounted alongside his long-time collaborator Angie Cheng. 

Bob's Last Request! is part of a commissioning project that is comprised of solos and duets of 30 minutes each – intimate encounters created by exceptional choreographers with whom Sylvie Bouchard wanted to journey creatively, enabling all collaborators to discover together. 


Choreography: Tedd Robinson

Performers: Sylvie Bouchard and Gerry Trentham

Consultation and Support: Angie Cheng

Music: Charles Quevillon

Lighting Design: Emerson Kafarowski

Costume Design: Tedd Robinson

Costume Coordinator: Valerie Calam

Stage Manager: Taylor Young


May 10 - 13, 2023

Citadel + Compagnie

Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance

Toronto, Ontario


30 minutes

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