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at yes of day

at yes of day by Yvonne Coutts, photo by John Lauener

at yes of day is a study in concentration, disturbance, resistance, and acceptance. Through a discourse on presence and using tasks of a day as metaphor, the work is constantly in process. The undefined beginning of the work, decided in part by the audience, leads to a real time sorting of details by the performers.  The physicality creates relationships, but the question of time and place is always in flux. The action of remembering becomes a process which imprints memory traces with new elements of sensation, perception, thought, or experience in associative connections.

at yes of day is part of a commissioning project that is comprised of solos and duets of 30 minutes each – intimate encounters created by exceptional choreographers with whom Sylvie Bouchard wanted to journey creatively, enabling all collaborators to discover together. 


Choreography: Yvonne Coutts (in close collaboration with the performers)

Performers: Marc Boivin and Sylvie Bouchard

Music Composition: Jesse Stewart

Text: Michael Singer, collaborators

Costumes: Collaborators with Cheryl Lalonde                            

Sound Unit Construction: Peter Earle

Lighting Design: Jareth Li


September 27, 2018

Winchester Street Theatre

Toronto, Ontario


November 2018


Ottawa Dance Directive

Ottawa, Ontario


30 minutes


 photos by John Lauener

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